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Ohana Multi-Center stands as a beacon of wellness, embracing each client as part of our extended family. We meld the fast pace of city life with the soothing essence of holistic healing, providing a suite of services from massage to yoga and naturopathy, each designed to nurture mind, body, and spirit. The comforting embrace of our sauna, the revitalizing offerings of our juice bar, and tranquil spaces for reflection collectively craft a journey towards well-being.

Echoing our philosophy of inner health and outer beauty, we proudly showcase a select collection of Arbonne products. These vegan, cruelty-free treasures are carefully chosen to align with your natural rhythm, enhancing your daily ritual of self-care. At Ohana, we're more than a center; we're a family dedicated to enriching your life, ensuring every aspect of our service rejuvenates, inspires, and deeply nurtures your soul.


Our Team.


"Her personalized approach and profound understanding of body mechanics not only eased my tension but also imparted lasting wellness and balance."



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